Waiting List Application Form For Exhibitors

Exhibition Period: March. 5th(Tue) ~ 8th(Fri), 2024
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

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Company Information
Information of the Managing Director

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Main Contact Person
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Invoicing address

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ABC Trading / ABCD Center

Exhibit Zone
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※ National Pavilion is for pavilion organizer only.
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Category Zone

National Pavilion
Application of the booth/Option(Exhibitor Seminar/Advertisement/On-site Stockroom etc.)Fee
※ The price is tax-included. The consumption tax rate on the last day of the exhibition period will be applied.
※ "Member" stands for a corporate member of the Japan Management Association.
Exhibition Fee
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Exhibition Fee (tax-included)
Number of Booths
※ 1 booth=Length:2.97m x Width:2.97m x Height:2.7m
※ Please enter the following information if you want to apply for options
Package Plan
※ These plans include basic recommended equipment. Please refer to the attached file for further infomation.
Optional Advertisement on Official Website : BannersOptional
Optional Advertisement on Visitor Guide
Advertisements in the VenueOptional
Total (tax-included)
Booth Type
Booth Type
*There will be a fee for 4 booths applicants.
For the applicants who choose category zone
1) If you apply for more than 6 booths with Single Booth, there is a possibility that we may not be able to accommodate your booth placement preferences.
(This is used for booth layout planning only. You will need to apply separately via the Exhibitor MyPage.)
※ If you check "Yes", please input how much is expected to use.
※ Comments on the booth location and other requests.
※ Please note that this is not a promise but the Secretariat will take it into a consideration.
On the decision of booth location
※ The Organizer of FOODEX JAPAN will determine the booth location.
Please read the terms and check the the box below before you apply:
On the decision of booth location
1. The number of booths / Exhibit Zone
2. The order of applications
3. Participation in previous years
4. Exhibit
5. Whether you will use Water or Gas
6. Other special notes/requirements from different companies etc.
The location will be published in late November,2023 (expected)